Lucid Dreams

Somewhere in Switzerland
by C.D.K 


All Yours, Sir… <3

And when I get home, I will devour all of what is mine … <3

Dockyard Project
A self supporting community built onto the body of a disused dockyard loading crane. The design of the system allows a cycle of resources moving degradable waste from the housing to a composting space which then supplies compost to grow food for those living here. The community atmosphere is further expressed through a spiraloling garden that flows up the centre of the crane connecting the individual residences. The top of the crane is also taken up by communal spaces allowing residents to grow their ownh food and also for relaxing spaces with views across the river and surrounding nature reserve
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be with someone who will stop what they are doing to kiss you. Life gets crazy and busy and things happen and in the middle of it, i think its important to be with someone who can calm you and remember to make you feel loved. 
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